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ביוגרפיה שלמה אפרתי

Shlomo Efrati

Efrati was born and raised in Kibbutz Yavne, located in the coastal plain of Israel just east of Ashdod. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a degree in Agricultural Economics (1990-1992). Since the year 1992, he has lived and worked in Tel Aviv. Between the years 1992 and 2006 he studied with some of the best figurative painters in Israel, such as Harold Rubin, Yigal Ozeri, and Menachem Mizrachi (2001-2006).

Solo exhibitions
1997 “Dozen” – Yadaim gallery, Jerusalem Blvd., Jaffe.
1998 “In a flick of the hand” - Nophar gallery, Gordon st., Tel-Aviv.
1999 “Nika who Hesitates” - Nophar gallery, Gordon st., Tel-Aviv.
2002 “The bold and the beautiful” - Nophar gallery, Gordon st., Tel-Aviv.
2004 “Forever blond” – Beit Gabriel gallery.
2005 “Forever blond” – Giv’atayim Theater gallery, Giv’atayim.
2011 – "Shelter city" - Hamishkan Le'amanuyot habama, Tel-Aviv
- Also, more than 10 group exhibitions. Many of his works are currently held in private collections.

Recent group exhibitions
2005 "Profil tel-avivi" – 200 artists on the city hall front (with book & catalog)
2007 "Signed in paint" – 20 artist on Tel-Aviv port gallery (with catalog)
2008 "Family connections" - ZOA gallery, Tel-aviv
2009 "Signed in paint" - 20 artist on Tel-Aviv port gallery
2009 "Mini-Artura" – Artura gallery, Jaffa
2009 "Group exhibition" – Alfred gallery, Levontin st. Tel-Aviv
2005 - 2009 "Imagination" - The annual exhibition of the Israel aids task force / bank Hapoalim, Tel-Aviv

Efrati's Writing
1998 A story collection, “Katay”. Gvanim publishers, Tel-Aviv.
2004 A novel, “Nikol was here”. Bitan Publishers, Tel-Aviv.
2006 - 2008 A feature, “Home port”, written by Efrati in the financing section of the Israeli Film Fund.

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